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At first take, Russia and China appear to have conflicting interests in Ukraine.Yet, many experts say that’s not necessarily the case.“China at odds with Russia in Ukraine?Rolls of toilet paper adorned with the likeness of Russian President Vladimir Putin have been a staple among street merchants in Kiev since 2014.

So far, the war has killed more than 10,200 Ukrainians.

Moscow wants to weaken Ukraine economically and politically to forestall its Western pivot—particularly any aspirations of Ukraine one day joining the EU or NATO.

To that end, during his visit to Kiev, Kai announced plans for $7 billion in joint projects between China and Ukraine.

In turn, Groysman announced that 2019 would be the “year of China” in Ukraine.

To counter Russia, Ukraine has since rebuilt its armed forces into Europe’s second-biggest in terms of active-duty ranks (second only to Russia’s), singling out Russia as the “aggressor nation” in the process.