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Once I cum, the "big impression" is over and done with, wiped up with a paper towel and thrown out... I don't know who they are or what their "names" are and I don't care. This picture is from "The Other Side of Aspen" and it is without a doubt one of the hottest sex scenes I've ever seen.

The entire movie is filled with hot sex and cheesy 70s music.furniture.

Way back in the stone-age, I cut high school one day specifically to go to Times Square and go to a movie house that showed the homo sex.

I will forever be grateful to Jack Wrangler for showing me that I could have a wet mussey even before I knew I had a mussey wet or not. 6, 2002One of the more popular performers in gay adult videos during the late '80s and early '90s, Mike Henson was born Kenneth Seymour in Sacramento (or Salinas, depending on your source).

Drug addiction, the discovery that he was HIV positive, and his desire to pursue a degree in computer science led to Henson's departure from adult videos in 1991, though he made intermittent returns over the next five years, most notably in "Score 10" and "Powertool 2," the latter with Lex Baldwin.

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    Several weeks after, the album dropped from its Top 10 position to no.

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