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The Belfort family suffered unimaginable loss in 2004, when Priscila, sister of former UFC champion Vitor Belfort, went missing. Pri, wherever you are I really want this message to come to you. And it is with this love that I come to congratulate you on your birthday. @davibelfort @vitoriabelfortoficial and @kyarabelfort it is logical that you could not forget your great friend @joanapradob who turned out to be your confidant … She told me she's going out and walking with a friend … I forgot to say; Dad returned to live in BH with our family. All cousins ​​and aunts love you very much and say that they miss you a lot.

While arrests linked to the case have been made over the years, Priscila never was found. He’s still the same.” (Via Instagram) Exactly 43 years ago a princess was born. I promise that somehow I will celebrate this day as if you were by my side. All our cousins ​​have already become parents with beautiful children!

I’m sure you would love our students, each with a wonderful story. That was only weeks before Belfort was scheduled to meet Randy Couture in a rematch for the light heavyweight title.

Pri, right now I had to wipe away many tears from my face when I wrote this letter but I know that every tear is translated by God. While he was given the option to withdraw, Belfort moved forward with the UFC 46 bout on Jan. Belfort won the headliner in Las Vegas via TKO and dedicated the win to his sister, whom he honored with a shirt that said “Come back, Priscila.” Despite a theory that Priscila was kidnapped and killed, her body has never been found.

They all train and they’re all physical guys in great shape.