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Every weekend of work at the Anderson pool, I made it my last job of the Saturday afternoon, and hung around afterward so I could see Kim and spend some time with her.

Usually, I ended up staying for supper, before we went out together, or on rare occasion I went home by myself to study because she had work to do.

I wasn't about to tell him I was an inexperienced, 23 year-old virgin who jerks off twice a day – more on weekends – to suppress my hormones along with sexual tension and anxiety. " He just stared long and hard into my surprised eyes, before I flinched, turned away, and fled down the steps and sidewalk to my little car and drove off. Kim continued swimming; and we began to see each other more and more. Then she began inviting me to her house on Sundays to watch sports and eat dinner with her and her father.

He didn't proceed further (thankfully), remarking simply that his daughter was not only pretty and talented (which I already knew), but very sincere, open, and trusting – someone who could be wounded easily by a thoughtless, selfish guy. Sitting on a towel in my damp speedo, driving home barefoot to my little apartment, my fanny tingled under me from that quick, hard swat, and I sprung a stiffy. We started going out more, spending more time together, getting closer, more affectionate, and more intimate, petting, her giving me handjobs – but without intercourse.

I drove her home in my car, and the surprise spread when her father saw me, realizing I was the pool boy who cleaned their pool every Saturday afternoon.