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So a guy like Manson-- whose trajectory would have landed him nowhere but back punking and snitching on the block -- in fact rubbed elbows with big-time showbiz types, rock stars and movie producers.

People who otherwise would never piss on a Charles Manson if he was on fire.

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More recently, TV shows like Gunsmoke had used it before it fell into disrepair.

Coincidentally, Manson's alleged associates and San Francisco neighbors, the Process Church of the Final Judgement, would open a chapter in Los Angeles shortly after Manson and his entourage arrived in the area.

Wilson called Manson "the Wizard."Manson picked up an entourage along the way, mostly young, fucked-up street kids, but ran into the same hassles in LA that hippies were facing in San Francisco.

Manson somehow finagled a gig for himself and his "Family" at the Spahn Movie Ranch, where Hollywood producers used to shoot Westerns.

Suddenly, a person that she described as a “creepy little man” came into the bedroom! The man ignored her though and wandered about the room, apparently looking for something.