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On September 29, 1948, WBAP added a co-owned TV station, NBC network affiliate WBAP-TV Channel 5, which today is KXAS-TV, now owned by NBC.

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This frequently proved confusing for announcers and listeners alike.

On May 1, 1970, the unique dual split-frequency lives of WBAP and WFAA ended when WBAP paid $3.5 million to WFAA in exchange for sole occupancy of 820 k Hz (and the NBC affiliation).

Some of you may be wondering, "why a barn wedding reception?

" and to help answer that question, here are some thoughtful comments from Naomi Millan of Houston, a bride-to-be on September 20, 2003: "Recently in a few magazines there have been wedding receptions shown in barns that were absolutely gorgeous.

WBAP and sister station KSCS are responsible for activation of the North Texas Emergency Alert System when hazardous weather alerts, Disaster area declarations, and child abductions are issued.